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Feb 2010

SS would like to welcome Adam Correia back to the band taking over drum duties once again. We're thrilled to be back with our original lineup and stronger than ever.

Feb 25, 2009

We're working on getting some demos of a couple of new songs posted for everyone to hear. These aren't final products and still require a lot of work, but we thought we'd share some new shit with you guys.

Head on over to our MySpace page @ ietyssorrow and check out our demo of "Subservient Humanity" in our song player.

We're not making this one available for download since we don't want multiple copies of the song floating around. A downloadable version of this song will be made available to our facebook group members once it's complete.

We'll be posting another demo of another song up for you to hear in the very near future.

November 5, 2008

Review of Calm Before The Storm at

We entered the contest 5 days before closing, and still managed to take 10th place, with the highest user rating. I'll just let you guys read for yourselves...

November 4, 2008

It's been a while since we've reported any news. Shortly after our last announcement that Landon was going to continue playing with the band. It soon became apparent to Landon that he wouldn't be able to make the time commitment due to his other musical insterests, so thought it best to step down and let us continue our search

We've now found our new drummer, Graham Wright (formerly of Severence) and he's been working out very well. Expect to see shows soon.

July 27, 2008

We're still on break from live performance for the moment, but we do have some news to report. We have good news, and really good news.

First for the good news. Over the last couple of months, we've been taking a break from live performance to focus on the writing and recording of our album. We currently have 11 songs written, and the final 12th on the way. Expect a demo of a new song sometime in the coming weeks.

And now for the really good news. We started looking for a new drummer about a month ago. We explored some options that didn't pan out, and we once again made a public call for an interested drummer. It wasn't long till we received a message - from Landon. He wants to continue to jam with us, so it would appear that we have a new drummer in at least a semi-permanent fashion in order to continue forward. Rehearsals started last week and it sounded pretty good. We'll be polishing things up and we're going to try to get a show happening sometime soon. Expect to hear some new material at the next show.

May 23, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, Adam decided to leave the band. Landon Chatterton stepped up and bailed us out for 2 important shows - the Rock4Cause Musical Instrument Lending Library benefit show and the Anvil / Joey Belladonna show. Now that our 2 last booked dates are over, the band is now taking a break from live performance until at least mid-summer to focus on completing the writing for the CD and continue with the recording. We will also take this opportunity to find a permanent replacement drummer.

April 26, 2008

Our second Ottawa date has been cancelled by the promoter. Due to DOA playing in Ottawa that night and attracting people that would be attenting this show, the promoter decided to cancel and reschedule it for a later date. Once we get more info, we'll let you know.

April 16, 2008

We sincerely apologize to the folks in Ottawa that were to come out and catch us at the Bytown Tavern last night for our EP release show. Joe had been sick for almost a week and ended up losing his voice, and Adam caught the same cold and was horribly ill as well. Had we showed up, the performance would have been horrible, and we don't believe in doing something halfway. We want to be able to put on the same level of high energy performance we always do. Last night would have been a disaster. Ottawa will have to wait till May 9 at the New Bayou to experience Society's Sorrow.

In other news, we're now been confirmed for a new show with JOEY BELLADONNA (of Anthrax), Anvil, and NonExistent on May 22nd. Check out our SHOWS page for more details.

Calm Before the StormApril 11, 2007

The artwork for the EP is now complete. The EP will be handed out for free at our upcoming shows in both Ottawa and Kingston. If you can't attend a show in person but wish to order a copy of the CD version of The Calm Before the Storm, contact us via our CONTACT page.. For a small S&H fee of $5 Cdn for North America or $8 Cdn for anywhere else in the world, you can have your very own copy in full CD quality, rather than the lower MP3 quality.


April 10, 2008

It's been a while since anything on the site has been updated other than the show info, so we've done one better. We've built a brand-spankin'-new site, this time in HTML instead of Flash. The look and layout is pretty much the same as before, but we've now added a music player to our MEDIA page as well as a few other bits and pieces. As time goes on, more will be updated. This move was to facilitate the maintenance of the site. Flash was just too much of a pain in the ass to keep up to date and we don't really have any content that justifies its use to build the entire site.

Work on the CD progresses. We've released the first four songs in the form of a self-produced EP called The Calm Before the Storm. It will be available FOR FREE for the next few shows so we can get our music out there. You can also listen to the 4 songs from our MEDIA page, as well as our MySpace page or our Facebook group. For members of our Facebook group, you can actually download the songs to use them as you wish for your MP3 player or to share with other.

In other news, we've also got our first out-of-town shows coming up in Ottawa. See the SHOWS page for more details.

December 7, 2007

Not too much to report at the moment. The site has been updated a bit. We've also started laying down the tracks for our final CD version of our songs. We currently have drums recoreded for 6 original songs and will be in writing mode fore more new music for the CD.

Also, we have an upcoming show listed on our SHOWS page, if you want to check it out.

October 25, 2007

Our new site has been launched. It's a bit bare at the moment, but bear with us, as we'll be updating it with new content in the coming days.












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