We must take great care of our body and skin. One of the best ways is to exfoliate them with natural ingredients. Exfoliation allows the removal of dead skin cells and makes us able to get rid of bruises and blemishes. In addition to this, exfoliation helps in the production of healthy and fresh skin cells.

Exfoliants for Face:

  • Sodium bicarbonate:

Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate works as a home-based microdermabrasion.  One thing should be kept under consideration that baking soda affects the pH of skin, so, to avoid possible complications, use it one or two times a week. In the case of encountering any problem with baking soda, apple cider vinegar can also be applied as a toner after it.

  • Very fine ground Oats

From centuries, Oats are considered to be best for skin exfoliation. These are popular because they soften the skin. Also, they act as antioxidant and non-inflammatory agent. Moreover, oats aid in balancing the pH of the skin. All of these factors, make them a favorable choice for the people with sensitive skin.

In addition, Oats absorbs oil and dirt as they naturally contain saponins, thus, can be used as a cleansing agent. Therefore, they are also a better option for the people having acne.

  • Very Fine Ground meal of Almond

It is one of the other, very soft and best dead skin remover. Almonds have high proportions of antioxidant vitamin E, which not only nurture the skin but also aids in the removal of radical production, heals damage caused by sun damage and removes dirt.

Exfoliants for Body:

  • Refined Sugar

Though, eating a lot of refined sugar is not good for healthy living, but, it acts wonderfully when applied as a body exfoliator. Granules of sugar, when scrubbed, aids in the removal of dead skin. Basically, it has glycolic acid, which acts as a dissolver of the dead skin cells.

  • Ground Coffee

Ground coffee beans are also proved to be best for exfoliation of the body. Due to the presence of caffeine, it helps in the reduction of cellulite.

  • Sea Salt

It works by removing the skin that has been dead as well as it abundantly provides the skin with minerals.

Tips to Remember:

  • Scrub gently:

Scrubbing both the skin and the body gently protects us from irritation. Otherwise, it can worsen the breakouts as well as caused harm to the skin.

  • Do it once or twice a week:

Exfoliation for dry skin is recommended for once a week. For oily skin, you can do it twice a week, too.

Keep this thing in mind that scrubbing the skin for a longer time or vigorously can cause damage to skin cells.

  • Exposure to the sun:

Do not exfoliate right after or before exposure to the sun because it can worsen your skin. The reason behind this phenomena is that, when you exfoliate, your skin layers stripped out and becomes more sensitive to sun rays. That is why precautionary measures are necessary to take whenever exfoliate.

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