It seems that wrinkles and lines have become one of the greatest concerns these days due to which more and more ladies are focusing on their skin and are adopting the most effective method to look young. These days, anti aging creams have attracted a huge group and many prefer using it. This is one of the simplest and effective methods through which you can have a glowing skin. Anti aging creams will remove all the wrinkles and lines and will also reduce their appearance. There are a number of creams available in the market, but you should always buy one after doing the necessary research.

Ellen DeGeneres and the secret of her glowing skin

The famous TV anchor Ellen DeGeneres was in news some days before and it was about her glowing skin. She was looking so stunning that, it shifted everyone’s focus towards her. People were curious to know that what she did with her skin, but after much awaited twist she replied that she has been using anti aging cream, which was launched by Dr. OZ. So, if you have also been looking for an effective anti aging cream, then you can use Ellen DeGeneres anti aging wrinkle cream.

Formula of Dr. Oz

The famous formula of Dr. Oz is the combination of two main elements namely QuSome and proprietary biosphere. These are the active ingredients of the cream and both play an important role. Proprietary biosphere helps in building the collagen and other important tissues. It helps in filtering your skin deeply and releases the collagen. While QuSome helps in providing water to the face. It pumps water directly on your face and helps in keeping it moist.

Tips that Ellen followed along with anti aging cream

Along with the regular use of cream, the celeb also followed various tips that helped her in getting the most beautiful skin and effective results. So, you can also follow these tips if you want to have better results:

  • You should have green vegetables that have high contents of proteins and other nutrients. By having rich vegetables and fruits you will surely get luminous look and it will also help in bringing shine on your face.
  • You should daily wash your face as it will keep your face moist. You can use face cleansers and gels as it will remove all the dirt from your face and will give a clean and healthy look.
  • Always keep your skin moist, you can use night creams and facial oil. Both will help you in providing a firm, smooth and soft skin.
  • The most important thing that Ellen considered is that, instead of using facial powders she used cream blushes, foundations and concealers.
  • For makeup, you can use natural colors for eye shadow or can also have a smudgy liner instead of having something smoky and extra revealing.
  • For lips you can have shiny and glossy lip lock. You can also have dark colors instead of shiny colors, as they will provide you a better, prominent and feminine look.
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