Humbleness is a beautiful secret to beauty; similar is personality and kindness, she stated, When you run into people who are sincere and pleasing, they only draw you to them. What’s on the inside appears out and glosses in a way that far takes over from anything physical. Here is the summary of chit chat with one of the popular models of USA, Alecia Key, who is a woman with a long sequence of undertakings.

Following is what we have questioned her for our own knowledge to have an insight of her beauty:

  1. Do you think of the first scent you ever loved?

She said that she’s been vast on oils every time. She has lavender aromatherapy before bed with her sons, and sometimes she uses cardamom oil, which is actually beautiful. According to her, her grandmother loved jasmine all the time. She said that she is a big fragrance person. It can be a depressed day, and dependent upon what you smell like or put on, it can aid in turning the whole thing all over the place. It’s similar to music. It will change your mood about, also.

  1. Something about her makeup that she can’t-live-without

She said that Eyeliner is her favorite. She loves a diversity of colors—the deeper colors such as green, dark blue and purple. It improves your eye in a way that’s a slight laxer than black, but it still has that sensuality and that influence. In addition, she is large with a bright lip. It feels great! Particularly when she does not want to wear makeup—she’ll only do the eyes and a little blush, and the lipstick gets it all together.

  1. Something about her much preferred looks

When she was asked about her much preferred look, she answered that the starting was one of her much loved moments. With the braids and the hats was what she loved since it was her discovering who she is and what she likes, and it was to a great extent the natural her without trying very hard. She too felt actually good, when she cut her hair. She thinks that it is a memorable moment for any woman. It can be related to freedom. You feel yourself in a new way and feel a liberty to set free of the past and move out to the future.

  1. Something about her everyday schedule with her hair

Her answer to this question was that lately she’s been tiring it braided too much, so luckily she does not have to do a lot. She told that she doesn’t wash her hair on a daily basis—maybe thrice in a week or so. And she likes to use something to guard it and condition it. She added that if she is wearing it a slightly straighter, then she’ll apply a serum or something to help when she blows it out. But for the most part of the time she is throwing a hat on or having her hair braided, and she is happy.

Some Beauty Secrets That We Learned From Alicia Key – A Well-Known USA Model